About Us


The idea for Daisy Hill Kitchen and Grill hails from a myriad of places and generations, from locations as different as Georgia, Greece and Pennsylvania. Ancestors of Daisy Hill founder Dimitri Bozikis and his wife Katina come from Greece, where fresh food and fine ingredients are paramount to the culture and daily family life. The Bozikis’ culinary family tree also boasts Dimitri’s father, Aristomenius, a classically trained chef; wife Katina’s grandfather, Emanuel Sossiadis, who founded a popular café in Athens in 1953, that continues to operate today; plus Dimitri’s grandfather who operated a grocery store in Savanna, Georgia pre-World War II.

Dimitri has worked for top Fortune 500 companies in product development, branding and marketing. In NYC, he also worked in the food industry designing and marketing projects for cutting edge food firms. Concerning the gas pumps at Daisy Hill, Manny, Katina's father, who has more than 30 years experience in petroleum, will oversee all facets of the petrol business at Daisy Hill.

The Daisy Hill name is inspired by the site of the first Daisy Hill store after Dimitri observed every week, how a flourish of wild daisies would cover the property after it was mowed. The name Daisy Hill captured the essence of the neighborhood and the nature that surrounds it.

As Daisy Hill Kitchen and Grill moves forward, the store’s mission is to provide wholesome foods, quality service, cleanliness and brevity of visit. Each store is designed with the customer in mind, featuring a bounty of freshly made lunch and dinner selections, plus important items from the dairy, deli, fresh fruits and vegetables counters. Daisy Hill Kitchen and Grill customers can rely on delicious foods to go, a selection of groceries and quick fill of the gas tank. For more information about Daisy Hill, please visit the store and ask for Dimitri.

Press & Testimonials

A mini-market? Is she nuts? No. Three seafood soups – Lobster Stew, Crab Chowders and Shrimp with Roasted Corn -- are from-scratch, enriched with light cream and delicious. The lobster stew has been a favorite since I first tasted it two years ago. Made with lobster stock, the "meaty chunks" are lobster and lobster substitute that was good enough to suit me and keeps costs down. Prices are $3.49 (8 ozs.); $4.99 (12 ozs.); $6.49 (16 ozs.) and $12.99 (32 ozs.). Purchase a Caesar or Chicken Caesar salad and some rolls to bag a good meal at the market." - Diane Stoneback, Morning Call - Allentown, Pa. (read full article, pdf)

Daisy Hill Market, at 1848 Susquehanna St. in Salisbury Township, is a convenience shop on steroids that has provided some new additions to its takeout and dine-in menu." - Morning Call - Allentown, Pa. (read full article, pdf)

Daisy Hill offers a variety of prepared sandwiches and salads, but the way to go is to hit the counter so they can conjure up something special. For a fast lunch, I had the Chicken Focaccia Sandwich ($5.89) with Swiss cheese and petal sauce on focaccia bread. The chicken was grilled to optimum juiciness and never approached rubbery. Although a bit on the heavy side for me, the petal sauce was a tasty mayo-like complement to the sandwich. Focaccia -- while crispy -- tends to be oily, but added a signature taste that gave the sandwich more personality." - Aaron Sagers, Morning Call [MERGE Edition] - Allentown, Pa. (read full article, pdf)

The coffee is a proprietary Daisy Hill Market mix of 100% arabica beans roasted in New Jersey, chosen after a year-long search for a smooth, strong, non-bitter brew. A recent lineup included dark roast, regular, decaf, French vanilla and hazelnut. Big surprise: prices are about the same as other grab-and-go marts: 99 cents for a cup of coffee, and between $4 and $5 for a full platter or large sandwich. Gas prices are in line, too." - Joanna Poncavage Of The Morning Call - Allentown, Pa. (read full article, pdf)